College graduates and the struggle

Fox 13 news just went over a few comments after they asked college graduates “are you finding it difficult to make a living?” The conclusion is “Well their financial situations have caused them to postpone certain life goals”…The results are nothing new, everyone knows that getting a degree doesn’t guarantee you a career. My reply to this question was this, “I haven’t graduated yet, however i am very aware my degree doesn’t guarantee me a career. Education is never worthless!! It depends on what degree you are going for. In the mean time there are ways i survive while having to pay my own rent, bills, tuition, etc. I found a way to save loads of money on things I’m already buying, I’m learning to budget and manage my money better (which is something not readily taught in school) and i have the ability to make money based on my efforts, not how much minimum wage is and I have the ability for self and “rank” growth in what i do and that is massive! For me these things are a necessity while going to college because there are no guarantees in life. I make my own guarantees and i alone ensure my future and my future finances.”

Of course they didn’t go over a solution to that issue that has been haunting this society though. Everyone focuses on the issue and never a way to fix or resolve such issue. Some replies were “Don’t go to college. Wast of money now days” (No i didn’t miss the e in waste, clearly college isn’t a waste of time..)another person said “I have a bachelors in business that I completed 4 years ago. It means nothing because I don’t have the experience, can’t get the experience because I can’t get a job. Therefore my education is worthless!” This gets me on the subject of experience, no one is going to hire you with out experience and you wont gain experience if you are never hired. A vicious cycle yes, but its very true. For now we are talking about college. To me college is very important and the thought of giving my all, paying thousands in tuition and going into debt over student loans to not be guaranteed a career scares the shit out of me. This is why I went into network marking. More specific, I became apart of wake up now. Wake up now to me is like a “ladder”, already built and ready for you to climb, ready for you to put another step on it and ready for you to make the most of it to help you’r situation. For so many people network marketing is the solution! I save a ton of money, I’m learning how to budget and manage my money and I’m making money, plus I help others do the same! With this income I’ll be able to save, invest and pay for college so that when I graduate I can assure myself I will be okay! How many of you can ensure your future finances?


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