Word of mouth

Companies like Target, Wal-Mart, Jimmy John’s, McDonalds or any company that advertises via tv or billboards, advertise that way because the profit goes straight to the owner or CEO on sells by the leads these advertisements brings. These company owners are only worried about the big profit coming their way. They don’t care that the minimum wage the employees get is only allowing them to live pay check to pay check all while without these employees the companies or stores would not excist.

Well, WakeUpNow is here to help people get out of debt and help people live a life not having to live paycheck to paycheck. We use word of mouth advertising and share the company’s awesome benefits to our friends over social media, lunch, meetings, events, social gatherings, etc. WUN doesnt spend thousands on tv commercials and billboard ads instead they pay the customers and independent business owners to share and advertise. The customers keep this business going because our product really does have tremendous value and we are rewarded for sharing it with others. But, to me the greatest part is that we don’t have to go into an office and drive through traffic, we have the leisure of sharing from home to gain that time freedom most of us so desperately want and need. Whether you want to spend more time with your children, family, friends or you want to travel more, this company is here to help you do exactly that!

This is what it is about! Feel free to search through my blog more and contact me to learn how you too can be time free and financialy free.


How has my life changed?

A lot of people ask me how my life has changed since i started with WUN (WakeUpNow) so i hope this post gives you the answer.

Since i was very young i have known exactly where i wanted my life to go. After i graduated high school i went into college and i started to think about grad school and how i was going to pay for it. When i was introduced to WUN that was the first thing i thought, “now i can pay for grad school without having to pull student loans and be stuck paying them off the rest of my life.”  WUN is giving me and anyone else who wants it the opportunity to live their dreams, whatever their dreams may be. Even with a degree that still doesn’t guarantee me a job or career, but i thought what if i could secure my own job? Well now i can because while i go through college i will have an income and that will allow me to push through school a lot faster then if i had to have a job for an income. With that income i have decided to build an animal shelter and an animal clinic where i will hire people to run for me until i have graduated and have enough skills to run it myself. That right there is me guaranteeing my own career. Plus i can gain that hands on skill everyone needs.

Besides the potential to make incredible money and have more free time to do the things i strive for, i do believe i have grown so much in the last couple months. I see the world in a whole new way, i see the struggles people face everyday when normally i wouldn’t have because i was to busy worring about my own struggle. Now i can efficiently help people and just knowing i can help those people get out of debt in half the time, save money and help them see the world from a new perspective means more to me then words could ever describe.

I wake up every morning knowing that it will be better then yesterday, i no longer have to look at something with the mindset of “i can never have that” or “it will take me years to get to that point” because i know with determination, will, perseverance, and effort i can and will have the things i want or need most. I believe in myself so much more and my posture has changed. I don’t wake up every morning thinking how my bills will be paid, or how i can help a family member out with their bills. The feeling of knowing you can help your family with money is the best feeling in the world because that is exactly what my family has done for me my entire life!

As time goes on i will be posting little things i notice that have changed my life since my awesome adventure with WUN has started, so keep watching!