My Story

How many of you are just sick and tired? Yeah me too!

I decided that i was sick and tired of relying on my family to help me with money, I am sick and tired of watching the love of my life work 40-50 hour weeks and get paid what he does, not to mention he is gone the majority of the day. By the time he gets home we have about four hours together before we have to go to bed so he can start the cycle all over again. As well as watching my grandmother struggle with money, even though she worked for the city for 40+ years her retirement doesn’t come close to what it should be and that is horrible. I watch everyone around me struggle for what they need, people constantly complain about their situation and who can blame them? No one wants to see who they love struggle. I don’t want to worry about tomorrow, and if my car breaks down or if my dog breaks his leg or if someone in my family gets ill and then worrying about how its going to be paid for. I don’t want to work ten hours a day being told when and if i can go to the bathroom, eat or take a break and get paid a measly amount. More importantly i do not want someone looking over my shoulder to see if i’m doing what THEY want done, how THEY want it done and when THEY want it done!

I want to be able to spend time with my loved ones and have an income that will support me and my significant other without working a job nobody wants. I want to be able to afford the things me and my family need and want. I want to wake up in the morning and be able to go to breakfast with my significant other if we want to and then spend the rest of the day with each other or family and friends. This is a lifestyle most people don’t get to live because they simply don’t know what opportunities are out there and what they are capable of! Everyone of us was taught that the only way to make money was to get a job or go to college and find a career. It is no fault of our own that we believe that, because that way of thinking has been instilled in our brains and our elders brains for many generations. So believe me when i say, i see the hesitation in people when something new comes along that allows you to make money without having to clock in and out. If any or all of what i have said makes sense to you then i would love to help gain a new way of living and help you become worry free over things of this matter.  I am here to tell you that you can be your own boss, set your own hours and work from home.

I will admit that i hesitated and many things went through my mind when i was introduced to this way of life. I thought “how can this possibly be true or even work? How is this not a scam or pyramid?” But i did my research, i talked to people in the company and i saw their personal growth as well as their success!  I saw why it looked like a pyramid scheme, but doesn’t everything look that way? Seriously! Take a look at all the jobs in the world, they are the shape of a pyramid. Lets take McDonalds for an example, one person owns it, he/she hires a manager or supervisor and then they hire employees, starting to gain the shape of a pyramid correct? This is where things get out of hand, who do you think profits and benefits from the sells? The OWNER! Not the manager/supervisor or the employees, even though without the employees the momentum would come to a halt. That is how just about every job works. But despite all that nonsense, in wake up now EVERYONE benefits. More=more, more effort=more benefit, NOT more=overtime. Everyone on the team keeps the momentum going and if you contribute you will benefit. Just because something is different, simple and works better then going to work for someone else everyday doesn’t mean that it is wrong.

I learned quickly that this business is where i wanted to be if i wanted time freedom. Wake up now did exactly what everyone said it would do, it WOKE ME UP!! I can help people everyday to overcome those hesitations and bring in a second or even first income. I now see that I, and anyone else who chooses to can live that lifestyle. Saving money and making money while not having someone breath down the back of your neck, watching your every move and controlling how much you get paid is truly something special. Now i am in charge, I choose when i want to work and and i get paid based on my efforts, not my time card. My efforts do not go unnoticed in this company, the teams all bind together and help each other out, we support one another, congratulate one another and we encourage people to do better, not force them. NO one is left to find their way to the top, everyone helps everyone. I have been given advice and tips that will take me further then i have ever dreamed of. I don’t know of any boss who would come up to their employee and help them have the success he/she has or even give them advice on how to move up. This is why i love this company, it is all about HELPING people. Showing them they don’t have to go unnoticed for their efforts, showing them they can have that dream life, become financially free and have more time for personal wellness.

To learn more about the company and its benefits contact me or click here.dream3



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